For the last several weeks, the Dura Doggie Team has been scouring the Orange County area to find amazing dogs and their owners to be “Dura Doggie Video Stars”.  From visiting dog parks and beaches, to advertising on Facebook and Twitter, the Team has put a great deal of effort into making this new promotional adventure into a reality.  The new video series features testimonials from people who have fallen in love with their Dura Doggie toys and want to tell the world about it!  They say in the movie industry you are never supposed to work with kids or animals, but of course we took that as a challenge.  We decided to work with both kids and dogs…and often at the same time!  What we got was some incredibility cute footage that will melt the heart of Mr. Scrooge himself.

We spent a week shooting our fabulous “Dura Doggie Video Stars” who represented all walks of life from men currently suffering from diabetes to little girls who love helping animals.  We were able to capture some great moments, and now begins the long post production process.  Somehow, I have to figure out what is going to be cut and what to save…when I want to keep all of it!  Within the next few months, we will be releasing the fruits of our labor on our website, Facebook, and YouTube.

Keep an eye out for a behind the scenes look at the new Dura Doggie testimonials, coming soon to a computer near you!


-Sarah Doretti

Dura Doggie, Intern