Last week TOMS announced they were branching their One for One campaign to not only shoes, but sunglasses! To support Blake Mycoskie, the founder of TOMS, the Dura Doggie team took a little road trip up to Santa Monica to the reveal event. The crowd who came out to show their support was not disappointed by the excitement of the new sunglasses and was given the opportunity to try the new styles on.  Every pair of sunglasses purchased gave one person the gift of medical treatment, prescription glasses or sight-saving surgery. Having the ability to see affects every part of life in every country, so what a great new direction TOMS is going! The all day event included bands, a photo booth, various artists, and a bubble station that Chase and Frank particularly enjoyed. Raad even made friends with a fluffy white dog! Everyone had a great time.

It is so encouraging to see other companies giving back to causes they are passionate about. Now back in the office, the Dura Doggie team feels rejuvenated at a fellow company’s success and there is a renewed excitement for the important charities we are supporting. The goal of giving back to significant causes is what motivates us to get up and sell amazing dog toys every day. We LOVE what we do, and are excited to see more growth and awareness!

Chews your Cause today!

–       Sarah Doretti

Dura Doggie, Intern