Well here we find ourselves starting out in a shiny new year while still catching our breath from the whirlwind of the last.  Like a lot of businesses, the holiday season brings with it a sense of frenzy and the much-welcomed rush of orders.

Right in the middle of this wildness we decided to pack up the “Chews Your Cause” line and caravan up to Los Angeles to be a part of the Unique LA show on December 3rd + 4th.  Who’s name certainly tells no lies, as the largest independent design show in the country.  Each vendor is hand selected to be a part of this event, so as a result attendees get an exclusive chance to meet and shop directly with hundreds of individual artists and designers.  We were thrilled to be a part of this consumer show and get the chance to present our toys to the end user for a change.

We love sharing in the excitement our products generate among dog lovers.  We even sold a Beba toy to a little girl’s father when his daughter wouldn’t give up on wanting one for herself!  We always have so much fun being a Unique LA vendor, and this time was no different.  The food was yummy, the music made us want to dance and the people we met were incredible, not to mention all the cool art, crafts and beautiful handmade items we were surrounded by.   JJ Abrams himself even sent us a quick email to let us know that his dog is happily enjoying the Beba toy he got at the show.  A successful show indeed.


-The Dura Doggie Team-