Although Steve Jobs claimed 2011 would be the year of the iPad 2, here at Dura Doggie we know it will truly be remembered as the year of Dura Doggie’s Chews Your Cause! In March we went to the Global Pet Expo in Orlando Florida and the trip lived up to our expectations- Dura Doggie toys will be sold all over the globe this year! In the beginning of the year we had so many orders from so many new stores that it was difficult to keep up with the demand, but we’ve ramped up production and we’re thrilled to start shipping out toys worldwide. Even more exciting is that the more toys we sell, the more we raise for Chews Your Cause!

Speaking of giving to charity, we recently donated over a thousand Dura Doggie Discs (our first toy) to a non-profit that will distribute them to various animal shelters, making for happy dogs that will soon be adopted by happy owners. How cool is that?

I’ll leave you with an old shot of my dog Lucky and me. We named him Lucky because out of the whole litter we chose him, so he was the “lucky” one. He’s so lucky, in fact that we chose him as the logo for Dura Doggie!

Don’t forget to CHEWS YOUR CAUSE!

-Chase McElroy

CFO, Dura Doggie