Chews Your Cause: Breast Cancer

2010 was quite an adventure! We were confident that our new pet toys would be a hit, but were totally blown away by the response at SuperZoo. We crushed our goals! That’s where we launched our “Chews Your Cause” campaign, starring the Beba Toy and Nebo Ball, designed by Raad. These and our future products are color coded to represent specific causes such as Breast Cancer, Diabetes, Animal Shelters, and the Planet. Twenty percent of our profits benefit the coordinating cause. We’re really excited because these new products are colorful, made in the USA, smell great, AND help raise money for charities. We’re also launching an amazing iPad app designed by Frank to assist sales reps with taking orders and capturing contacts. It can also integrate with QuickBooks and shipping companies to process orders in minutes rather than hours.

Pictured below is our crew at SuperZoo.

Dura Doggie at SuperZoo2010

Pictured below is our Beba Prototype with Max. (Named after a Maximus Decimus Meridius)

Dura Doggie: Beba Prototype

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Dura Doggie: Beba Family

Pictured above is the Beba family: Chews Your Cause!

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-Chase McElroy

CFO, Dura Doggie