We we’re in the grand ol’ city of Las Vegas for almost an entire week for SuperZoo 2009 (they already have 2010 in the works: http://www.superzoo.org/ )

Three words to describe SuperZoo:   huge, exciting, exhausting

Three words to describe Vegas:   huge, flashy, unexplored

Why the last one?  Because we we’re inside the Mandalay Bay Convention Center or our hotel the entire time!  Yes, it was that exhausting.  We did have an unforgettable dinner however, courtesy of our newest DI member, Frank! (Frank, I bet you remember every detail on that enormous bill you paid lol).

Below are pictures of our booth even though they don’t do it much justice.

We did this every day of the show, Dura Doggie Disc on three!!

We received great feedback at the show, made some good sales but its been weeks, season has changed and we’re adapting.

Launching a new marketing campaign for Fall and Winter, info to come later!

Thanks for tuning in,

jonathan aka the Blog-Catalyst man